International Conference

“Amphora trade in the Black and Aegean seas”

Modernizing the Archaeological Higher Education – Apollonia Pontica and the Mediterranean World


Sofia, Bulgaria

About the conference

The International Conference “Apollonia Pontica and the Mediterranean World – Modernizing the Archaeological Higher Education” will present the project products and state of the art initiatives in the area of amphorae documentation and modernizing higher education in the field. The conference will present some innovative aspects in the area of amphorae study in the Black Sea and Mediterranean region. The event in Sofia will involve theoretical and practical presentations and discussions. Last few years there are a lot of new approaches and tools in Amphorae study.

Date: 15.07.2024

Location: Sofia, Buglaria

Speaking language: English


Attendance of the conference is free. If you are interested to be present during the conference as a viewer, please reserve your seat via this form. Note that the Deadline for submitting the abstracts of presentations is March 15 2024

Main themes

Trade with amphorae in the Black sea and Aegean sea
Contemporary tools and methods for documentation of ancient amphorae
E-database and internet resources about ancient amphorae and their trade
Chemical analysis of ancient amphorae: results and perspectives
Evidences of the ancient culture and trade on the west coast of Black sea
New approaches and tools in Higher Education
Cases of amphorae documentation and findings

Speakers & topics

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For conference speakers

Speakers registration form

Guidelines for speakers

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Timeframe for each presentation is up to 30 mins. with questions from the audience.

After completing the registration form, expect an e-mail from the organizers.

It is required that the presentations shown during the conference use the Presentation template provided on the right.

Organizers & partners

History Museum Primorsko, Bulgaria – Project coordinator

Musée du Louvre, France

Institute for South-East European studies, Romania

Student Computer Art Society/SCAS/, Bulgaria

National UNESCO club for scientific expeditions, Bulgaria

University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Bulgaria